Routes & Schedules

Hours of Operation

Weekdays 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Fixed route buses run hourly, and pulse at the Padnos Transportation Center in downtown Holland from :50 to :00 (top of the hour) to allow for passenger transfers.

The Padnos Transportation Center is an inter-modal hub for MAX transit bus service as well as Amtrak and Indian Trails. The center has outdoor bus shelters on the bus island as well as a heated indoor waiting area with vending machines, benches, public telephone, water fountain, and restrooms. Bus passes for MAX may be purchased at the Padnos Center.

View A MAX Bus Schedule

Click below to open and view pdf files of our updated Master Bus Schedules, with route maps, bus stop locations and times. The schedule is available in English and Spanish.

Download Master Bus Schedule (pdf)
Descargalo Horario de Transporte (pdf)



Coverage Area


To view this map in greater detail or to download a copy in pdf format, click on the link below:
Download Printable Version (pdf)

Planning Your Trip

  • To determine which route(s) you need to take, locate your origin and destination on the route maps.
  • Look at the map above to see which bus route is closest to your origin. To see the routes and their bus stops, click a route in our list located in the left navigation column of this web page.
  • If your origin and destination are on different routes, you will likely need to transfer between the routes to complete your trip. You may be able to transfer to another bus route that is near your originating route, or you may need to transfer at the Padnos Transportation Center.
  • If you need a transfer, ask the driver for one as you board. Transfers are free, but must be used within one hour of issuance.


  • Have your exact fare in cash ready to drop in the fare box as you board, or have your bus pass ready to show to the driver. Drivers cannot make change, so the exact fare is required.
  • Buses will stop to pick up and drop off passengers only at designated bus stops. Be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Buses will not stop at bus stops where no one is present.
  • Remove children from strollers, which should be folded and secured.
  • Service animals for persons with disabilities are allowed on board. Other small animals are allowed on the bus, but must be in an animal carrier.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited on the bus.
  • Personal earphones are required when listening to music.
  • If you need assistance boarding or deboarding or need help with your packages or parcels, ask the driver for help.


  • At least two blocks before you wish to deboard, pull the cord to alert the driver. Buses will only stop at designated bus stops.
  • For your safety, remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Look around your seat to make sure you have collected all of your personal items. Should you leave an item behind or lose it, check the Lost & Found at the Padnos Transportation Center.
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