Public transportation such as the MAX bus can be a safe and cheap alternative to driving a car during the winter months. From riding our fixed routes to scheduling door-to-door rides through our Reserve-A-Max service, these tips can help you ride the bus like a pro during the winter!

1. Plan Ahead


Do your research and plan your trips accordingly with MAX both on our fixed routes and Reserve-A-MAX services. If you have to be somewhere by a certain time, allow enough time in your schedule to get there earlier rather than later. As we get closer to the holidays, it is also important to know our winter holiday operation schedule as well.

2. Dress Warm

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It can get cold during the winter! Our buses are heated, but be sure to dress warm enough while you’re waiting outside for the bus.

3. Stay Visible


Not only should you dress warm, but also be sure to wear visible clothing so that our bus drivers can see you.

4. Watch Your Step


While we do our best to keep bus stops clear of snow and ice, things can change in a moment’s notice. Make sure to always look where you’re walking. We don’t want anyone to fall and hurt themselves!

5. Expect Delays

Hazardous road conditions and falling snow can cause delays for all of our buses for both our fixed route service and Reserve-A-MAX service. Staying connected with service updates from MAX can help with sudden delays and a change in service. Your understanding is greatly appreciated!

Whether you’re a seasoned MAX rider or brand new to riding the bus this winter, these 5 winter bus travel tips can help you ride the bus during the winter! If you have any questions regarding winter travel on our buses, please contact our Customer Service team at 616-355-1010. You can also contact us through our online contact form and will be in touch as soon as we can.