There will be a Pokeparty hosted to start the beginning of your Poke journey with MAX on September 30th from 2:50 pm – 5:00 pm. To get you started we will provide you with your very own trainer pack that will include a copy of the instructions, your Pokedex, the blank Pokeball design page, and a few extra goodies to get you started on your journey to become a Pokemon master with MAX! Grab refreshments, support your team, and enter in the challenges at the party to win prizes before we send you off to complete for the grand prize! Complete the five challenges listed below to receive five gym badges. Collect them all and be entered to win the grand prize at the end of the two week dealing (October 14th)

Receiving Badges
1. Showing you have the app installed.
2. Creating a Pokeball
3. Post picture of your CP lineup on Facebook. You can also come into the depot.
4. Taking over the gym in front of the depot.
5. Complete your “Pokedex”.

1. Catch pokemon shown on the front of the card.
2. Pokemon must be caught while riding MAX.
3. AR mode must be enabled to see bus.
4. Must show bus driver picture of caught Pokemon to get a punch.
5. Have fun!

(here’s an example of what your punch card will look like)


Good luck trainers! Be safe and have fun!