MAX offers 11 fixed route buses, 9 of which run during the day and 2 (Route 9 and 10) that run during our twilight hours from 7pm to 10pm. We recently added Route 11 on the 1stof August, and we are so excited to see our service expanding! Route 11 will reach many desirable locations, such as Spectrum Health of Zeeland, Holland Hospital Urgent Care in Zeeland Township, Logan Estates (Riley E. of Fairview,), Bethany Christian Services and many others.

Route 11 is considered a “Connector Route” since it connects between Route 4 and Route 8, it does not go down to the Depot. Route 11’s main transfer point in at the James St. County Buildings at :23 after every hour. This is because Route 4 stops at the County Buildings Twice, First at :16 after and then at :35 after each hour. This offers a chance for Route 4 riders to get to Route 11 and vice versa. Not transferring at the depot could provide MAX passengers with a faster trip to their destination, and will include more stop locations, expanding the travel options.

Route 4 & Route 11:

Transferring from Route 4 to Route 11, riders will want to get off at the James St. (County Buildings) stop at :16 after, always remember to ask the Route 4 driver for a Transfer Slip to Route 11. Route 11 will show up at this stop again at :23 after each hour. Once on Route 11, riders can now reach one of the many stops available on Route 11, whether that be Bethany Christian Services, Zeeland Hospital or a job site off of Case Karsten Dr. On the way back from the trip into Zeeland, Route 11 will bring riders back to the James St. (County Buildings) stop at :23 after and Route 4 will be back to this stop at :35 after each hour to bring riders back home.

Route 8 & Route 11:

The best place to transfer from Route 8 to Route 11 is the State & Garfield stop :19 after each hour. This stop is equipped with a passenger shelter to give riders a place to sit down and keep covered from inclement weather conditions. Route 11 will stop by there at :42 after each hour to pick up. From Route 11 back to Route 8 the best stop to transfer is the first round at the State N. of Main (Downtown) stop. Route 11 will stop there at :14 after and Route 8 will be by shortly after at :18 after each hour. If the riders pick up location on Route 11 is after this first downtown stop, then the recommended transfer point is the State & Garfield stop that the rider originally transferred from.