More people enjoy the freedom and fun that comes from being able to use public transportation and also ride their bike.  Bringing a bike on the bus puts more destinations in reach by allowing riders to cycle to their final destination.  Some enjoy this option for the exercise and some enjoy it because they know they are taking extra steps to help preserve the environment, reduce traffic and congestion, and reduce CO2 omissions.

MAX’s fixed route bus system is accessible and easy to use.   Mondays through Saturdays, the transit system operates nine hourly day-time routes (Routes 1-8 & 11), and 2 evening routes.  There is no service on Sundays or major holidays.  Riders can board the bus at any of the 400+ bus stops throughout the Holland/Zeeland area.  All buses return to the Padnos Transportation Center in downtown Holland at the top of each hour (:50), and depart again at the beginning of the next hour (:00).  This allows passengers to transfer to another route and/or take a rest stop.

Bikes ride free!  All MAX buses have double or triple-loading bike racks on the front of the bus that can accommodate most standardized two wheeled bikes and children’s bikes.  Heavier, motorized and three-wheeled bikes cannot be accommodated.  If you are first to use the rack, place your bike on the inner rack closest to the bus.  If the bike rack is full, wait for another bus or catch another route.  Only foldable bikes are allowed inside the bus.

To use the bike racks:

  • Remove or stow all loose items
  • Stay curbside until the bus stops
  • Lift the handle and pull down to release the rack
  • Lift your bike and place the wheels in the slots
  • Pull down the arm securement over the tire to secure

Ask the driver if you need assistance.

Check out this map to locate bike trails within our service area!