Bikes on Buses

Bikes on Buses | MAX Transit

Now you can take your bike with you on the bus to reach more destinations around town. Bikes ride free! All MAX buses have double-loading bike racks on the front of the bus that can accommodate most standardized two wheeled bikes and children’s bikes. Heavier, motorized and three-wheeled bikes cannot be accommodated. If you are first to use the rack, place your bike on the inner rack closest to the bus. If the bike rack is full, wait for another bus or catch another route. Only foldable bikes are allowed inside the bus.

To use the bike racks:

  • Remove or stow all loose items
  • Stay curbside until the bus stops
  • Lift the handle and pull down to release the rack
  • Lift your bike and place the wheels in the slots
  • Pull down the arm securement over the tire to secure

Ask the driver if you need assistance.