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Route 4 – Outbound 

Transfer Center 0:00
7th E. of Columbia (Freedom Village) 0:01
8th E. of Reed 0:04
Clover N. of 8th (MI Works) 0:06
Clover S. of Chicago Dr. 0:06
8th E. of Clover 0:07
Waverly N. of 8th (Center for Good Health) 0:08
Waverly N. of 8th (Greenbriar Apts) 0:09
Waverly S. of Chicago Dr. 0:10
Waverly S. of Lakewood (Holland Transmission) 0:12
Waverly & E. Lakewood (Lakewood Plaza) 0:13
120th N. of Lakewood (Holland Township Office) 0:14
120th & Garden (Holland MediCenter) 0:14
James St. (County Buildings) 0:16
The Shops at Westshore 0:20
Felch E. of W. Shore Dr. 0:21
Felch W. of 120th 0:21
120th S. of Riley (Willow Woods) 0:22
120th N. of Willow Wood (Eagle Crest Academy) 0:22
Riley W. of 120th (Clearview Apts.) 0:23
Riley & Wellness Dr. 0:24
Beeline N. of Riley (Meijer – South Drive) 0:26
Greenly W. of 120th (Northpointe Apts.) 0:29

Route 4 – Inbound

Greenly & 120th 0:30
120th N. of Riley (Clearview Apts.) 0:30
120th S. of Riley (Eagle Crest Academy) 0:31
120th S. of Riley (Meadow Springs Apts.) 0:31
120th S. of Riley (Falcon Woods Apts.) 0:32
120th & Felch 0:33
120th S. of Felch (Animal Hospital) 0:33
120th & James (Speedway Gas Station) 0:34
James St. (County Buildings) 0:35
James E. of US 31 (Plaza – North End) 0:38
120th N. of Lakewood (Lakewood Family Medicine) 0:39
120th N. of Lakewood 0:40
Waverly S. of Chicago Dr. 0:42
Waverly S. of Chicago Dr. (Credit Union) 0:43
Waverly N. of 8th (McDonald’s) 0:44
8th W. of US 31 (Sec. of State) 0:45
8th & Reed 0:47
Transfer Center 0:50