*Please note that Route 8 is a deviated route.*

This means this route travels a fixed route, but may deviate off the route to pick up Reserve-A-MAX passengers.  These passengers will pay the Reserve-A-MAX fare and may have to transfer to another bus to complete their trip.

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Route 8 – Outbound 

Transfer Center 0:00
Royal Park Dr. & Centerstone Ct. 0:11
Royal Park W. of 96th 0:12
State N. of Bus. Rte. 196 0:13
W. Lawrence & Pine (City on a Hill) 0:15
State N. of Main (Downtown) 0:18
State & Garfield 0:19
State S. of W. Roosevelt (Creekside/Roosevelt Schools) 0:19
State S. of Riley (Zeeland H.S./Athletic Fields) 0:20
Riley & State/96th (Family Fare) 0:21
Riley E. of Centennial 0:22
Fairview S. of Riley 0:22

Route 8 – Inbound

Fairview & E. Roosevelt 0:23
Fairview S. of E. Washington 0:25
E. Main & Division 0:27
Maple S. of E. Main (Cityside Middle School) 0:31
Central E. of Church 0:33
Cherry E. of Elm (Zeeland City Hall) 0:34
State N. of Main (Downtown) 0:36
W. Washington E. of N. Colonial 0:37
W. Washington E. of Franklin 0:38
Chicago Dr. W. of 104th 0:39
Chicago Dr. W. of 104th (New Groningen School) 0:40
Van Hill Dr. S. of Chicago Dr. 0:43
Chicago Dr. W. of 120th (Craig’s Cruisers) 0:45
Chicago Dr. & Spruce 0:46
Transfer Center 0:50